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We have tracked thousands of proposals regarding buyout offers from cell tower companies. No other consulting firm has more experience or expertise.

Your Guide to Telecommunications Towers and Cell Tower Lease Buyouts

We are Steel in the Air, Inc. + Cell Tower Attorney and together we have helped over 3,000 clients nationwide with cell site lease negotiations, tower valuation and lease buyouts. We know the telecommunications industry inside out – who the players are, what they want and what they will want if and when emerging technologies become available. Unlike other cell tower consultants, we are ethical and guarantee our clients unbiased guidance. We don’t partner with lease buyout companies, so we won’t encourage our clients just to receive a fat commission. Instead, we evaluate each situation based on its own merit and advise our clients on strategies that will best serve their interests alone.

Can Buyout Offers Get Any Higher?

The value of your cell site lease is determined by many factors – time, technology, usage, investment portfolios and the terms upon which it was originally drafted. But the truth is that its value is likely to appreciate. Your cell tower lease is an attractive asset – don’t be fooled into thinking otherwise.

To Sell or Not to Sell

Some cell tower leases are more valuable than others – just as some buyout companies are more honest than others. Before deciding to sell your lease, you should know what the end game is. We offer 100% unbiased consulting services. The result is peace of mind – which is more valuable than anything else!


Choosing a Buyout Offer

Have you received one or more offers to buy your cell site lease? We recommend caution when dealing with revenue sharing offers or free property evaluations. If you were selling your home, you wouldn’t let the potential buyer also act as appraiser – the same case is true here.

We can help determine the true value of your cell site lease, so that if you choose to sell, you will be doing so for the right reasons, at the right time and for the right amount of money.