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What do I get by using your services?

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Peace of Mind: You will know when we are done that you have received top dollar. You won’t be wondering whether you left money on the table- you will know that you got the most money possible, because we provide comparable data to back it up. We make sure that the deal you strike is right for you and that it won’t unnecessarily impact your property 10-20 years down the road. We are often contacted by landowners who have sold their leases without first getting unbiased assistance. Sometimes they want to “unwind” the transaction because they failed to realize the long term impact of the sale. Unfortunately, at that point we can’t help. By retaining us up front, we can help you sell (or not sell) on your terms, even if you aren’t aware of what those terms should be.
Unequaled Knowledge: The lease buyout companies aren’t going to offer you the best terms and conditions. And candidly, you can’t and won’t know what they can offer because neither your attorney, nor your CPA, nor you have ever done anything similar to a lease buyout in the past. We do, because we have assisted over 2,700 clients nationwide, at least half of which were dealing with lease buyouts. We track every deal that goes through our office.
Unbiased Guidance: We work for you. We are paid by you and only you. We have nothing to gain by steering you to one company over another. Unlike other “consultants”, we don’t get paid by the lease buyout companies and then take a fee from you as well. Unlike other “consultants”, we don’t advise you to take a lease buyout when a lease extension or just keeping the lease might be better. We will help you sell your lease- but only if you tell us clearly that you want to sell your lease.